Dear Woman

(Dedicated to women around the world who feel their song need to be sung)

Dear Woman,

Though they may tell you that you have sunk into the anonymity, the characterless plurality of being merely one of the women, just a daughter of her father, or a wife of her husband, or a sister of her brother, or a mother of her son.

Though they may tell you that there is nothing for you to speak but follow and agree to everything you are told, because you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that being unheard and unseen is a virtue, or to fade into the background is a blessing, because you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that the world is not a safe place, and you are weak and small. You will always be a damsel in distress, in need of rescuing, for you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that your beauty is dependent on the size of your clothes, or the fairness of your skin, or the lack of wrinkles on your face, because you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that you are unaccepted and unloved if you don’t uphold an image, if you don’t look and behave in a certain way, because you are a woman. Their image, not yours!

Though they may tell you that speaking your mind would make you ‘unattractive’, ‘selfish’ and ‘arrogant’, and somehow less lovable, because you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that your worth is dependent on your cooking and laundry skill and that you will never amount to anything on your own, because you are a woman.

Though they may patronize your ideas, ambitions and desires, calling them ‘unimportant’ and ‘silly’, because you are a woman.

Though they may tell you that to be  ‘spiritual’ or ‘virtuous’  you have to put others first.

But they forgot the ancient wisdom: to be real and authentic you need to put yourself first.

Though they may have the best of intentions and believe that these are not lies but the facts of life. Though they are only trying to help. Though these may be wonderful ways of being–you don’t have to believe all the lies that they tell you.

You don’t have to agree and hide behind a smile when they condescend you and call you ‘nice’ and ‘cultured’.

You don’t have to fit into a traditional box of ‘woman’ that they have made for you. You don’t necessarily have to live a version of life they have laid out for you just to earn their validation or approval.

You don’t have to hold yourself back just to make them comfortable. You don’t have to disconnect from your deepest truth, or your true feeling and emotions. You don’t have to be invisible to end their resistance to who you are.

You can honor yourself and connect with your own inner knowing. You can validate your own experiences and find your own answers. You can approve and hold your own independent ideas, ambitions and desires.

You can learn to protect yourself. You can be your own savior.

You can tap into the wisdom and intelligence freely flowing in the universe through your intuition. You can trust your inner self and effortlessly create a life of your true deepest desires, not as you are led to believe is in your best interest. You can relax into your own higher divine presence. You can be the greatest expression of your true self.

You can shatter the illusionary image of seemingly perfect version they have of you, of how a ‘woman’ should be. In the shattering you can create an empty space, as magnificent as your presence, that is devoid of old way of being, prior beliefs and age old conditioning. In this empty space you can birth something new and wonderful, filled with love, ever fresh and evolving like creation itself.

It is time to stop abandoning yourself. It is time to cease the self sabotage. It is time to submerge in the ganges of self-love.

Your presence reminds me of the fire in Sun that does not burn, but warms.

You beauty reminds me of timeless joy that is eternally present in the delight of a bird, or in the change of seasons.

Your courage and resilience reminds me of indestructible strength of a blade of grass that bends at every breeze but break not in the greatest storm.

You can connect to the eternal flame burning in your heart waiting to be acknowledged and embraced. Give it air, let it flare. Let it consume you completely, let it burn all debris covering your light. Let the luminous being that you are be unveiled.

They may say that you’ve lost your way, that you have forgotten your place, that you don’t understand how the world works, that you are unloving and arrogant and selfish. But you can smile and understand their fear and anger, for their fear and anger was once yours. They were so afraid of your wholeness that you mirrored their beliefs and became afraid of your wholeness too.

Not any more.

Now you see the truth. Now you see your brilliance. Now you see your light. Now you connect with the source of power within you that is not of this world. Now you flow with the ocean of life whose splendor is inexplicable.

Now you know your original roots, that branch out from the greatest source energy of love and light, that hold creation together.

Now you understand that you are the creative energy that powers life itself.

Now you understand that the old way of being may have kept you ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ but you can do so much better than safe and comfortable.

You can choose a new way.

You can be fearless and blaze like a supernova.

You can be unstoppable and rise like a phoenix.

You can be yourself.

~Nita Goyal




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