Aligning with the Higher Divine Self

(originally posted on 03/06/17)
Some of my friends have shown concern as to what’s going on. If everything is okay on my side. I want to reassure you that I am okay. I was taking time off to be with myself and communing with the infinite immutable Presence within. During the glorious process an effortless vision rose with great clarity and pull.
Most of you know that health challenges have been a recurring theme in my life for the past 7 years, picked up speed in the past 5 years or so—low energy, fatigue, hair loss, sadness, depression, complete detachment to participate in life. I wondered what was it that I was missing to express such challenging experiences in my life. Why I could resonate to very high vibrations in my consciousness and yet physically resonate to low vibration of illness, all at the same time. Talk about the most blissful and yet most terrifying of energies(polarity) purging in me.
Another major theme that I have dealt in my life is to be judged for being a woman. I am sad to say that women are still perceived as diminished selves. One’s worth is still determined by one’s gender and if you are a woman then by your marital status. The discrimination is so widespread and so subtle that it is considered as normal, even befitting. The cultural brainwashing is deeply embedded in everyone’s psyche that many people I know (men and women, both) take it as respect and honor. General consensus is that we are following the protocol by agreeing to time honored patterns and conditioning that conforming to set standards is a virtue and free authentic expression of true self is to be looked down upon and shunned. There is no greater disillusion in the world than the ideology that a person can bring dishonor into her/his life if one chooses to be one’s true self. Some people thrive in this kind of environment and some simply wither away. There is no judgement, nothing right or wrong except we, as conscious beings, need to see that we are simply indulging in unconscious behavior. No matter how good intentional it is, it is still unconscious.
However, since as far back as I could remember as a young child I knew I was experiencing world at a different frequency than people around me. I could sense that the world I saw was not all there was. There was a magnificent field of Divine Consciousness, of higher vibration, that I could access and hold. I could shift my awareness from body-mind structure to the imperishable and eternal within. I communed with an infinite ocean of energy that resonates at the frequency of unconditional love, joy and bliss. I could sense and interact with the elaborate and comprehensive behind the scenes working to bring out soul’s highest potential in shortest possible time in it’s human journey.
I am, we are, quiet simply multi-dimension, high vibrational divine beings living in a multi-dimensional, vibrational universe—living simultaneously in different dimensions and always connected, communicating, helping multiple selves.
But in the process of growing up and in a need to fit in, I went on this phenomenal journey of denying my knowing and experiences for many years. I held myself back so that others could feel comfortable. In a need to belong, I lived a version of life that others had for me. However, I never lost connection to the stream of love, light and joy that is always flowing at the foundation of my sense of being and of existence itself. That is why it never made sense to me the way people treated each other and decided each other’s worth based on ridiculous beliefs and concepts based on race, religion, material accomplishments and gender, when we all are individualized expressions of one divine consciousness, one creator, one energy, one heart. I always wondered how are we to have evolved societies where people are still indulging in unconscious patterns and behavior. It just doesn’t make sense.
In the past decade, more so in the past five years, my spiritual experiences have gained speed and strength, and so did the connection to the Higher Divine Self. It is as if many portals and vortex opened to facilitate clear communication with higher forces and energies. Guidance came through. You can call it inner resonance, illumination, intuition, inner Guru, communication from higher dimensions—that everything is enfolding according to the soul’s blueprint.
Whatever has been happening in life is the best thing that can happen, especially the undesirable ones (whether it is health challenges, personal relationships or financial stuff). Old thought patterns that are holding one back are leaving the energy body so that all good and new— an exact vibrational match to one’s frequency—can take home. It is natural for one’s life to go through turbulence during this period of readjustment.
It is essential for physical body to go through health issues when millions and trillions of cells of physical body are being upgraded to resonate at higher frequencies. More like they are adjusting to higher energy of oneness as opposed to the old frequency of separation, fear and belief in lack. In this process of deep purging, physical body brings to the surface all that had been denied expression in consciousness. Everything is coming up to be purified and transformed as the whole planet at this time is immersed in these new loving higher frequencies.
These experiences, I can see now, what a blessing they have been, because they helped me wake up from the dream. I was so meticulously focused on my outside life, on my ambitions, fears and desires that I didn’t see at first that the outside world of physical reality is only a reflection of the inner world. At the center of things, everyone and everything is an expression of divine consciousness, emanating from one Source Energy/Creator/God. Call it any name.
In all honesty it’s impossible to articulate myself truthfully without staying silent. The authentic expression of my true self would be to remain silent, joyous, all-encompassing and loving—the way I experience sacred space around me, an extension of me that is always holding me in the most heartfelt embrace one could ever imagine, always full of unconditional love, unbounded acceptance, joy and endless bliss.
However, in that pure state of being, I don’t appear very friendly or social to many.
Moreover, life always calls for an expression. The point of awareness that I am need a framework within which to exist and experience various expressions that divine consciousness brings forth in its vibrant dance of creation. It is through my expressions I can know myself truly. If I stay silent I would be ignoring my soul’s blueprint which is to express and experience life as this person and, also, I feel within a strong desire to be of service to humanity to the best of my ability. The energetic field of consciousness that I am need to step up and embody the life that I have come here to embody. Plus all previous soul contracts and agreements need to be honored and successfully completed before I could move on to the next octave of existence.
So here I am—singing my song. If I have to look into the eyes of another human being and tell her/him that she/he is a Divine Being and that you are not powerless as you think, that there is great power in your Presence, that you have the power of consciousness to transform your life according to your hearts deepest desires, that joy is the key to unlock all door–, then I have to come from an authentic space. And there is no greater way to embody authentic space than to walk through very experiences that shows up on the linear path of human life in a need to be transcended. To walk the talk first, sort of. And I have to admit, it has been a great lesson in humility.
These past few months I have been pulled almost like gravity to structure the knowledge based on my spiritual experiences into teachable format for the benefit of all. I am giving myself the permission to step up and answer the call but without any attachment to the desired outcome or a sense of me being the one responsible for its expression. I am committed to staying in the vibration of trust and surrender that everything is enfolding according to higher divine blueprint.
At present I am In the process of structuring a comprehensive and practical program for the benefit of all, as intuitively guided by the Divine higher self. Some of the work offered will be: how to vibrationally expand yourself, step out of old frequencies of fear and lack, and embody the eternal freedom that is always yours. As space is freed up in your consciousness as a result of this work, going to the next octave of creating a life of your desires, and having a blast living it.
Let’s offer ourself in building a new evolved society where self expression, love, abundance and joy are the building blocks rather than conformity to fear, control or belief in lack. Praying for the well being of all.
with love and gratitude💐💜

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