Finding peace amidst chaos

In todays hectic world, it is common experience that we wake up with dozen thoughts racing in the mind. Perhaps some of us have kids and getting them ready first thing in the morning, organizing their lunches and see to it that they reach school safely and on time, and be left with luxurious thirty minutes to be ready and impeccable for that morning meeting. As the day passes by, another dozen things to do. As we unwind for the night, sleep is miles away. Mind is flowing through another torrent of thoughts in preparation for the next day, next week, next year.

How do we find peace amidst chaos?



First wave of thought hits: We don’t have time to complete present tasks, leave alone another activity to do. Close eyes, sit still, repeat a mantra or think of a mental concept or image. We will rather focus on the notes for that afternoon meeting.

Then, the second wave hits. It is such a luxury–doing nothing. We feel almost sinful to be not doing anything productive.

Still we give it a try.

On surface it seems nothing major is happening, just breathe in and breathe out. Keeping restful awareness on inhalations and exhalations. Seems simple. After thirty minutes or so of conscious breathing a feeling of soothing calm begins to permeate the mind. So far so good.

A tremendous phenomenon is working underneath, slowly and silently. Some of us may feel it the first time, for others it may be a few days or months. It comes almost like an uncanny feeling that some point in deep space is waking up to our presence, is becoming conscious of our existence. As we become totally alert and alive to the ebb and flow of sensations and feelings that are happening in the present, welcoming them, embracing them, honoring them, a love story begin to emerge. The entire cosmic continuum of space time start to vibrate with our presence. A knowingness of our existence encompasses everything, and a cozy feeling begin to take root in our heart that we are always protected, always loved and always accepted by the universe as we are. No matter what our thoughts and actions are, we are loved in the most loving, compassionate way.


With this knowingness we start to develop roots. Our shallowness, where any simple thing can disturb us–someone insults us, we burn inside; a small suffering comes we think the whole world has turned against us–gives way to unshakable depths of courage and love. As we delve further deeper into the abyss of within an intelligence to be fluid, to move with  the flow of life, to reinvent ourself according to our authentic self gets acutely developed.

With it comes the realization that we are a deep ocean, always connected, always one. Waves of everyday chaos arise and subside in the ocean that we are. We have found peace. We are home. We are always home.

~ Nita Goyal


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