The most common question I am asked is  what is meditation and what will I get by doing it?

As soon as we hear the word mediation all different kinds of thoughts and mental images come to surface, that it is some kind of activity, closing eyes, sitting in a posture, thinking of some mental object or concept. We need a certain level of awareness to understand that meditation is diving deep into the unfathomable depths of within. It is being totally alert to the present, totally alive to the ebb and flow of sensations and feelings that are happening in the present, welcoming them, embracing them, honoring them. Being utterly aware of the presence that one is.

And suddenly you find yourself on the waves of the cosmic ocean of space time. A knowing happens as the dynamic universe of energy stands before you as a fact, filled with love and brilliance. An experience so simple and pure that you are a wonderful being, that you are a vastness that sees everything, understands everything, loves everything, dissolving you into incomparable joy and bliss. 

~ Nita Goyal

For the first time in life, you begin to live, you begin to dance.

Happy Meditating Friends:)

~Nita Goyal


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